Microsoft Excel

Most Common Excel Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
F4 Anchoring Cells
Alt+M P Trace Precedents
Alt+M D Trace Dependents
Alt+M A Remove Arrows
Alt+= Auto sum
ctrl+shift+7 Borders-outside area
ctrl+underscore (ctrl+shift+-) Borders- remove all
Alt+E A A Clear
Shift+F2 (or Alt+I M) Comment- inserting/editing
Alt+E A M Comment- deleting
ctrl+c/ctrl+x Copy/Cut
ctrl+v or Enter (after copy/cut) Paste
ctrl+c, Alt+E S T copy, paste special formats
ctrl+c, Alt+E S F copy, paste special formulas
Alt+I E / Alt+E D insert/delete
ctrl+backspace deselect to original cell
F2 Edit cell/ Highlight precedents
ctrl+R / ctrl+D Fill right/ Fill down
ctrl+shift+p Font- change size (change color with DB macros)
ctrl+1 (or Alt+O E) Format cells
Alt+I F Function- inserting
F5 (or ctrl+g) Go to
F5 (or ctrl+g), Alt+S O X Go to constants (highlight inputs)
ctrl+arrow keys Go to end (continguous range)
ctrl+[ / F5, Enter Go to precedent cell(s) / Return
Alt+D G G Group rows or columns
Alt+D G H Hide grouped range
Alt+D G S Show grouped range
Alt+D G U Ungroup rows or columns
ctrl+shift+arrow keys highlight a continuous range
Alt+E M / Alt+C Move a sheet / copy a sheet
Alt+I N D (or ctrl+F3) Name a cell
Alt+V P / Alt V N Page Break Preview/Normal
ctrl+p Print
Alt+F V Print preview
ctrl+Y redo
Alt+O H R Rename Sheet
F4 Repeat
ctrl+H Replace
Alt+F T Excel Options
ctrl+z undo action
ctrl+tab Toggle Workbooks
ctrl+pg up / ctrl+pg down Worksheets- move between
Alt+V Z, ctrl+scroll on mouse / Alt+V Z 1 Zoom- sizing / return to 100%

Additional Excel Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Alt+O R E Change Row Height (spacer row height=3)
Alt+O C W Change Column Width
Alt+V C Insert Comment
Alt+E A M Clear Comments
Alt+I R Insert a row
ctrl+Alt+shift+arrows Apply cell borders
Alt+I R Insert row
Alt+I C Insert column
shift+spacebar Select a row
ctrl+spacebar Select a column
ctrl+shift+[ fast track, trace precedents for a formula
ctrl+shift+] fast track, trace dependents for a formula
Alt+E S Paste Special
ctrl+* selects text block
ctrl+shift+c copy format
ctrl+shift+v paste format
ctrl+pg up tab up
ctrl+pg down tab down
ctrl+shift+4 formats for dollars and cents
ctrl+shift+5 formats for percent
F12 Save As
ctrl+; inserts system date
ctrl+: inserts system time
ctrl+~ formula view
Alt+D S to sort selected cells
Alt+Enter start a new line in the same cell
ALT+O, H, R Rename the current sheet
ALT+E, M Move or copy the current sheet
ALT+E, L Delete the current sheet
ALT+W, F Freeze Panes

Some Excel Tricks

To insert/move selected cells to where ever you want in the excel file: Scroll your cursor over the selection border until it looks like 4 arrows, then Alt+shift, and drag the selection around your worksheet with the mouse

To divide/multiply/subtract numerous cells by the same number— Enter the number into a stray cell and then
- Select the cells you want to modify
- Hit Alt+E S (paste special) and select the math operator that you would like to apply to the selected cells

  • Example excel assignment project: If you want to divide many numbers such as 6,000 and 7,000 by 1,000— simply enter 1,000 into an empty cell anywhere on your worksheet, copy it, select the cells containing the values 6,000 and 7,000, hit Alt+E S for paste special, choose the "divide" option in the 'operation' section of the paste special dialog box, and click Enter
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